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Ypsilon was founded in 2009 in Padova, in the heart of Veneto region, traditional place of Italian manufacturing, from the idea of Vittorio Bottacin, creative entrepreneur, with fifteen years of history in the sector of the furniture.

Ypsilon is located in prestigious nineteenth-century villa with its main office and wonderful showroom. For its collections, Ypsilon has been collaborating to various asserted designers in the sector furniture such as Valerio Sommella, Associate BB, Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli, winners of important international awards.


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Our vision is to create a style, to be immediately recognizable for the project solutions proposed. An engagement to which we dedicate all our time and our experience, daily comparing ourselves to the most dynamic ideas, selecting innovative materials and creating new trends of the furniture that have an effect on the behavior and on the contemporary lifestyle. Ypsilon changes the perception of the reality in its constant evolution, for a new way to defining the environments.